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Birmingham's Best Sprinkler Company Since 2004!


Only Possible Because of You! 16 Years in Business


Sprinkler Repair, New Landscape Lighting and Landscape Lighting Repair.

You’re at the right place, Greater Birmingham, AL!


Birmingham's Only Rachio Pro now installing Rachio Gen 3!


If It’s Not Broke Don’t Fix It

…unless you want to upgrade!  See our Wifi Controller test results of major brands.


We give you great coverage with HE VAN Nozzle Rain Bird


Rain Sensor: We take Water Conservation Seriously.

Do Rain Sensors Save You Money?


Wire Tracing Service

WIRE TRACING, FAULT FINDING, VALVE LOCATION The specialty of the specialist is Locating Work.

Outdoor Lighting Service Birmingham, AL

Dependable Outdoor Lighting Maintenance, Adds, Re-work, Fixture Upgrades, LED Upgrades, Wire Tracing and New! Installations.



"The neighborhood was very happy with the work done repairing the sprinkler system last year. That's why we hired you to upgrade the landscape lighting at the neighborhood entrance - You did a great job. thank you." Carlos, HOA President, Panarama Brook neighborhood, Vestavia, AL. March 23, 2016

Ready for FIVE STAR Service?


Landscape Lights that Change Color. Yep! We’ve got them!


Do you have a dogged sprinkler system?

“Was that wrong? If I knew it was wrong, I wouldn’t have done it.”



"You did a great job and I honestly don't believe anybody else could have repaired our sprinkler system. Thank you." Norm L., Alabaster, AL, July 10, 2014

Controlling Your Controller

GETTING HELP WITH YOUR CONTROLLER (Download owners manuals for Rain Bird and Hunter are available.) Excellent Water Conservation Initiative!

WiFi Controller

We tested them and here’s what we found…


Holistic approach to Water Conservation.

How to save up to 10% on your water bill.


Drip and Micro Irrigation

Rain Bird Drip Irrigation frees you from hand watering pots, window boxes, pool deck plantings and even some foundation landscaping.  Excellent Water Conservation Initiative!



They are cute and fun to watch until you see them picking irrigation wire from their little teeth...

Gen 3, Yep! We've got them!


“Alexa, tell Rachio to water the back yard.” 2019 The Year of Home Automation!

Schedule a service call and have a New Rachio WiFi Controller installed for greater control of your sprinkler system. (Amazon Echo or other home automation device and SmartPhone not included.) Read the results of our three season (including drought) trial.


New! Rain Bird LNK WiFi Sprinkler Controller Module!

Plug the Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module into the accessory port of the New Rain Bird ESP-TM2 Irrigation Controller and download the Rain Bird mobile app to your SmartPhone. There you have it! You control your Sprinkler System from anywhere using your SmartPhone. FAB! (Module not compatible with previous models of Rain Bird Controllers.) Open a service call and have your controller replaced with a New Smart Controller today!

Do Southern Sprinklers Need a Winter Shut Down?


Wonderful Job!

I wanted to say that Ian did a wonderful job. I really appreciate you for sending him. I had a great experience with your company.
- Matt ~ Eagle Point

Realtor Review

Five Stars from Greystone Cove!
- Ben ~ Greystone


Five Star Rating from a repeat customer in Hoover.
- Kathy Barry ~ Riverchase


Love the lights. Thank you.
- Terry Martin ~ Pelham

Deserves Business

I recently had my system winterized by BlueSkyRain. I had a leaking pipe that was promptly repaired. In May 2018 BlueSkyRain got my sprinkler system up and running with a few repairs when I moved into my house. They did an excellent job then as well. I have posted about BlueSkyRain several times on Facebook, recommending them highly. This is a competent, ethical company that deserves all the business they get.
- JoAnn Boutwell ~ The Narrows

Five Stars

All Five from Homewood!
- Daniel Johnson

Lighting is Incredible!

I wanted to thank you for coming out yesterday and finishing my lighting project. Jim went beyond what is normal conditions and made my day. He completed the job in the pouring rain. Couldn't wait to see the house after it got dark. I have sent you a picture of the lighting which is incredible. Everyone in the neighborhood that trick or treated at our house commented on how nice everything looked. As a lighting guy, I was overwhelmed. Please make sure Jim knows that I was very appreciative of him coming out and finishing the job. I have his card and will make sure everyone knows who did the job.
- John Duckworth ~ Vestavia

Happy We Were Referred to You

Ian called shortly after 7 a.m. this morning and was at our house about 30 minutes later. He was excellent and very professional. He diagnosed the issue, explained what was needed and took care of it very promptly. I appreciate him checking our coverage and confirming we are in good shape with our landscaping. I'm very pleased and happy Susan and Blair Smith recommended Blue Sky Rain to us.
- Charles Vianey ~ Liberty Park

Must Brag!

Thank you for sending Ian. I have to brag about the job he did. He is an outstanding young man.
- Chris Sheheane ~ Vestavia

Best Looking Uplights

Jim fixed us up and now we have the best looking uprights in the neighborhood. We're getting so many compliments. People are coming from two streets over just to tell us how good they look!
- Ray Register ~ Highland Lakes

Knew his job-Great Experience!

Ian made it out today and fixed all my issues. This has been a great experience. It started with you very professionally answering the phone and getting me taken care of. I had an on call appointment, so I got taken care of three days before my scheduled appointment. Ian did a wonderful job. Very professional young man who obviously knew his job well and was very cordial throughout my appointment. I asked many questions and he answered them all to my satisfaction. I will be recommending Blue Sky Rain to all my friends at Riverchase Country Club. Thanks again for a great job.
- Ed Yoder ~ Riverchase

Nice Technician

I just wanted to tell you how great your personality is and how well you explained the problems with my sprinkler system. You really have a nice way about you and I very much appreciate your company and the great job you did getting our sprinkler system repaired.
- Jackson ~ Vestavia

The Best!

Blue Sky Rain is the best in town.
- Henna ~ Vestavia

2nd House You've Serviced

Long time customer who has used your service at two houses now. Five Stars!
- C. Sepulvado ~ Pelham

Long Time!

Long Time Customer for many years, 5 Star Service Rating!
- K. Woodruff ~ Bluff Park

Excellent Service - Great Results!

I am so thankful to have you to maintain my sprinkler system! I just wish Blue Sky did home water lines as well! I had plumbers check not knowing if my leak would be sprinkler or home water line(s) so I tried plumbers first. I kind of doubted plumber’s explanation that head was spraying one spot because it was too much water in one spot and I ran that zone and saw no problem. Thank goodness Jim believed me & said we have to dig….something is going on. As it turns out, the leaks were slow and not causing the BWW meter to spin and to further complicate it, my sprinkler meter doesn’t spin at all even when sprinkler system is running but fortunately does register updated meter read out so I can submit for sewer refund for my sprinkler system. All that to say how much I appreciate people who have a passion for their career & deliver excellent service with great results!
- Debbie Bryan ~ Inverness

Trace Crossings

Thank you! Hoover, 35244
- Gregory ~ Hoover

Lake Trace Drive

Five Star Repeat customer
- Troy F.

Altadena Road

5-Star Service, 35243
- Lisa, Vestavia

Mountain Brook, AL

Customer many years! FIVE STARS
- Horton

Customer since 2007

Have been a customer for many years and I wouldn't use anyone else!
- Dr. Robbin, 35243


5/5 stars, repeat customer, on Scout Trace
- Moore, Hoover

5/5 Star Rating!

Top rating from Altamonte Road.
- Theresa, Mt Brook

Since 2012

Long time customer in Liberty Park.
- Dr. Jamie O.

Sprinklers and Lighting

5 out of 5 Stars! Sprinkler and Lighting customer for many years.
- Crane, Pelham

5/5 Service Rating

Repeat customer since 2015 gives Blue Sky Rain 5 out of 5 Stars for service!
- D. Shaw, 35243

Happy with the service!

Thank you for sending the nice, professional YOUNG man to help me with my sprinkler system. He is very knowledgable and explained everything to me very well. Young people can do so much, more than people realize. I am happy with the service and plan to call you again in the winter to shut the system down and again in the spring to start it back up. I'm so happy to have your service. Your people are all very friendly too.
- Shirley Dunn, Inverness

Greystone Legacy

Long time customer, Five Stars!
- Carol G, Greystone Legacy

Every Visit

Rated Five Stars! Vestavia, AL
- Vince Agro

We Love The New Lights!

Thank you for the beautiful Landscape Lighting job. We absolutely love the new lights! Our friends and neighbors have complimented us on them too. You all do a great job and we really appreciate that.
- Noah Zecher ~ Hoover


Top Rating!
- Kimsey ~ Greystone

Great to deal with

I wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed calling you these past several years. The on-site people always do a great job and calling the office is also a good experience. I really love doing business with you.
- Mickie Coggin ~ Highland Lakes

Top Notch People!

Blue Sky Rain's people are top notch. They always arrive on time, are very professional in their work, and leave everything spotless. These are the kind of people who are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.
- Bob Bethel, The Crest at Greystone

Knows His Stuff!

Thank you for the fast service. The man you sent is so polite and clean. He knows what he is doing and wasted no time in getting the problem solved.
- Carole ~ Greystone Farms

Hoover Happy

All stars from repeat customer in Hoover!
- Terry

Professional Performance

We had a scheduled appointment with Blue Sky Rain today. As usual they called ahead an confirmed their arrival time. The service man named Colin ( I believe ) came on time and performed a service check and made repairs to our sprinkler system. He was courteous and took time to explained his inspections and findings. We have used this company before after a lightening strike and they are so professional in their performance.
- Steve Hill

Alabaster Back!

Repeat customer gives you five stars. Thank you!
- Will Hill

Best Irrigation Company!

Best irrigation company I have ever had in my 25+ years in Liberty Park. Collin was thorough on the first visit. On the second scheduled visit, the faulty wiring was located, several sprinkler heads were repaired and some changed due to growing landscape. I highly recommend Blue Sky Rain. Bravo to the entire company, including the cheerful and pleasant receptionist who schedules visits.
- Candis Hacker


"I just wanted to let you know that I posted your company information and names on our neighborhood website, Nextdoor, (which includes Greystone, Highland Lakes, Eagle Point and 13 other neighborhoods). They had people who are looking for great and speedy service. We have always had great experiences..." Leigh C. Highland Lakes. May 23, 2016


"That was an excellent young Man U sent to do the work this am. " B. Shaw, Sterrett, AL May 22, 2015


"I just wanted to say thank you for the service! All the service people were punctual and so nice. I was very impressed with your workers. I appreciate everything you did and doing business with you was so nice. I will certainly call you in the future for any updates or changes needed." Pat M. Chelsea, AL, May 21, 2015


"I'd like to say the young man you sent today is a keeper! What a fine and knowledgeable person. You all did great." Fletcher H. Crestline, AL May 14, 2015


"You did such a wonderful job on my landscape lighting at my other house and I really want it here too. I know the lighting helped sell my house." T. Cleveland from Leeds, AL May 11, 2015


"I love the landscape lighting; it looks GREAT! Thank you!" K. West, Mt Brook, AL, October 3, 2014


"You exceeded expectations in all aspects of the service call." Martin S., Leeds, AL October 15, 2014


"Your people are so professional and just the way you treat customers is quite uncommon. You should know how much I appreciate that and I will be recommending your service to my friends." C. Hunt, Irondale, June 11, 2013

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1. Check (preferred) or 2. Pay online via Credit Card by clicking the PayPal button. Payment is due upon delivery of the service.


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