Best Wireless Rain Sensor RainBird Vs Hunter

A Local Irrigation Service Manager Tested Rain Sensors and Made a Change All in-ground sprinkler systems in Birmingham, AL need the best wireless rain sensor.  We’re going to tell you why and compare RainBird Vs Hunter. No one gets free water. True. But my wife’s Grandfather always said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  May I extrapolate that to a gallon of water saved is a free gallon of water?  Maybe my water math could be called fuzzy numbers, but the money you save on your water bill is real. Alas, we have all seen lawn sprinklers running on a rainy Continue Reading

Rachio Gen 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller 2019 Review by Blue Sky Rain

Rachio released Gen 3 of its Wifi Sprinkler Controller in the spring of 2018. We tested it. Our results are in. It’s like the Rachio design team took every possible objection off the table when they made the best Wifi controller even better. The major concern we had the past couple years that we provided Rachio and Rachio Gen 2 for our irrigation repair customers in Birmingham, AL was the lack of any control of the sprinkler controller device from the wall unit. They fixed that! Rachio Gen 3 has on-unit buttons to Run, Pause and Skip. So while you Continue Reading

Top Smart Outdoor Landscape Lighting We Tested

Top Smart Outdoor Landscape Lighting We Tested Smart Outdoor Landscape Lighting With so many of you dabbling in home automation, requests for Smart Outdoor Landscape Lighting are on the rise. Until recently, it required a substantial upgrade to your existing Landscape Lighting at a substantial cost to get much less functionality than exists today. Before you had to invest in a new transformer and all new LED lamps (bulbs.) Now we can provide a Wifi Socket that comes with an Outdoor Lighting App, and works with your existing lamps. As a result, the price of this technology came down, which Continue Reading

Only possible because of you 15 Years in Business

Only Possible Because of You Blue Sky Rain is Celebrating 15 Years in Business! “If you can change people’s lives, you have a business.” Richard Branson Repairing sprinkler systems and installing and repairing landscape lighting may not seem life-changing at first glance, but after 15 Years in Business, I can tell you that it is. According to Marie Kondo in her #1 New York Times best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,  “Once you have experienced what it’s like to have a truly ordered house, you’ll feel your whole world brighten.”  In my personal experience, my wife and I feel lighter when everything at our house Continue Reading

Winterize Sprinklers Don’t Worry Be Happy

Winterize Sprinklers Don’t Worry Be Happy   Do Southern Sprinkler Systems need to be Winterized? Is it necessary to winterize sprinklers in the south, specifically, Birmingham, Alabama, where the ground rarely freezes? Working for thousands of customers for fifteen years in the area, we have expert insight into this question. If you ever come home to a huge block of ice mounding over where your sprinkler valves are supposed to be resting until spring, you will have your question answered. But there’s a more subtle sign that you don’t notice until your sprinkler system doesn’t start when you need it Continue Reading

7 Top Keys Easily Stop Lawn Drought Damage

7 Top Keys Easily Stop Lawn Drought Damage   Why is lawn drought damage a concern? Doesn’t it recover? Didn’t it rain a normal amount this year? The problem with measuring annual rain fall in inches, is that the health and beauty of your lawn and landscape requires watering in regularity. How can drought creep up on you and your landscape when you thought it was a rainy summer? In Birmingham, Alabama, we go from very rainy periods to very dry periods in the blink of an eye.  Around here, when the rain finally stops, it really stops and we Continue Reading

Poison Ivy + Fire Ants Alabama Irrigation Repair Hazards

Poison Ivy + Fire Ants Alabama Irrigation Repair Hazards Imagine you looked outside and saw this in your yard. The technician sent by the company you hired to repair your sprinkler system is tearing off his clothes and jumping around your back yard in his underwear. One of our esteemed Blue Sky Rain irrigation service technicians was working on a job site and all of a sudden was stung in about 25 places from his legs to his back by something under his clothes.  It was a sharp painful and continuous stinging in many places on his body, so he Continue Reading

OWA Park in Foley Alabama Gives You 1200 Reasons to Smile

OWA Park in Foley Alabama Gives You 1200 Reasons to Smile Where can you see a 24,000 square foot fountain, 1,200 trees, and an entertainment park that covers more acreage than Six Flags over Georgia?  If you guessed OWA park, the enormous entertainment destination amusement park opening in Foley, Alabama summer 2017, you’re right!  And by the way, that tremendous fountain sits under the much anticipated Rolli’ Thunder roller coaster.  As riders propel through the roller coaster’s loops, synchronized water jets will shoot up to greet them. Highly Anticipated OWA Park Roller Coaster Rollin’ Thunder is similar to Thunderbolt that Continue Reading

Top Smart Sprinkler Controller 2019 Review by Blue Sky Rain

Wifi Sprinkler Controller Comparison – Rachio vs RainBird vs Hunter You might face a big decision soon – making a WiFi Sprinkler Controller comparison. If your controller goes out on you this year, you’ll have to decide if you should replace it with a Wifi sprinkler controller and which manufacturer is best.  If you’re like a lot of people who already really really really want one, you’ve probably willed your old controller to break. No need to be philosophical here, you came for a technical comparison and we shall deliver on that. You may be turned on by saving money, Continue Reading