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Broken Sprinkler Got you down?

Repairing a sprinkler system is much more complicated requiring a different skill set than  installing a new system.  When you have a sprinkler system not giving you optimum performance, you need a company with specific training, tooling and a repair schedule.  You need a date and time to expect the repair technician.  Most irrigation companies prefer a full calendar installing new systems and squeeze in the repairs when they can get to them.  They will get to you “when they can.”





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You Came to the Right Place!

Congratulations!  You searched sprinkler repair near me and found Birmingham’s Sprinkler Repair Specialists!

Blue Sky Rain The Sprinkler Repair Specialists

The Right Man, The Right Part, On Time Every Time

Sprinkler Repair is enormously different than installing a new sprinkler system from the start where you can see everything going in the ground.  Blue Sky Rain Foremen are hired for their intelligence and trouble-shooting abilities.  From day one, they begin preparing to help you with your troubled sprinkler system.  That means the Foremen are specifically trained in sprinkler diagnostics and repair.  They undergo rigorous training that includes classroom and hands-on training, plus written and field tests.

Blue Sky Rain Foremen also have tools needed for repair.  They are outfitted with tools just for sprinkler repair, special controller testing and diagnostic tools that you may not find at a sprinkler company that specializes in new installations.

Because Blue Sky Rain is a Repair Specialist Service Provider, foremen maintain a tight schedule.  That means you will be given a date and in most cases a 2 hour window of time for your sprinkler appointment.  You can count on that appointment.  Everyone at Blue Sky Rain always does what they say they will do.  You can count on it!


Sprinkler Repair: Top 10 Service Requests

The sprinkler repair calls we handle every day:

  1. A Leak
  2. A broken sprinkler head
  3. A broken valve
  4. A blank controller
  5. One zone not coming on
  6. Lightning struck the controller/ sprinkler system
  7. Not enough water pressure on one zone
  8. Not enough water pressure on every zone
  9. Nothing comes on when the sprinkler system is turned on.
  10. The sprinkler system will not turn off
  11. One zone runs with all the other zones (Bonus!)

How to Spotlight the Sprinkler Repairs You Want?



"FIVE STAR SERVICE! My wife and I have had three or more other companies out to work on our old sprinkler system and Blue Sky Rain by far is the best. We will recommend them to our friends."  Jul 25, 2009 by Guest51786