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Proper Sprinkler Controller repair is one of the most important components to a top performing sprinkler system and ultimately a beautiful and healthy landscape.  To achieve the best result, the controller should be tested 2 or 3 times a year to monitor that it is fully functional and the programs set for the highest benefit to your landscape according to the changing weather temperatures.  Controllers are susceptible to power surges and lightning strikes.  A faulty controller can over water or under water your plant material.  If you suspect that your controller is not functioning properly, it is important to open a service call to address it before you run up a higher than usually water bill or have plants perish in the dry conditions.

Sprinkler Controller Repair

Blue Sky Rain Controller Repair Services include trouble-shooting, assessment, repair, whole-unit replacement and setting the controller.  If you do not know how to use your controller, your Blue Sky Rain technician  will be happy to show you how.  Blue Sky Rain provides only professional grade controllers from Hunter and Rain Bird, including the “Node,” battery operated controller from Hunter.  The newest introduction to our controller line is a Wi-fi based system by Rachio.

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Hunter Controller Sprinkler Repair Birmingham BlueSkyRain.com

Hunter Pro-C Modular Controller Sprinkler Repair Birmingham BlueSkyRain.com

Hunter Pro-C Sprinkler Controllers

Large LCD display for simplified programming

Easy to read for schedule review and entry

Three programs (A ,B, C) with multiple start times

Independent programming handles many different watering requirements

Choice of independent day scheduling options

Days of the week, odd/even or 31-day interval for maximum flexibility

Global water budget/seasonal adjustment

Easily change run time of all zones from 10% to 150%

Non-volatile memory

Holds programs indefinitely; excellent insurance against unreliable power

Superior surge protection and self-diagnostic short circuit protection

Microcircuits are protected from electrical spikes, no fuses to worry about

Remote control ready

Supplied with connection for SRR and ICR remote controls

Hunter Node Sprinkler Controller Repair BlueSkyRain.com

Hunter Node Controllers

Provides Zone Control Without the Need of an Electrical Connection

For isolated sites, power-restricted areas, or the special needs of drip zones, the Hunter Node is the smart, reliable solution. The Node mounts to a valve’s solenoid and the unit’s solid construction and waterproof exterior ensure it can handle the harsh environment of a valve box. The Node is powered by one or two 9V batteries and provides standard or extended power throughout the season. Along with exceptional reliability, the Node features an easy-to-program LCD screen, the ability to control a Master Valve, and uses standard Hunter controller programming with 3 programs and 4 start times per program. The array of programming options and rugged reliability make the Node a compact, but powerful irrigation controller with the flexibility of battery power.  The nodes is a great solution for areas of your landscape with a water source, but no electrical supply.

Rain Bird Controller Sprinkler Repair Birmingham BlueSkyRain.com

Rain Bird ESP Controller Sprinkler Controller Repair BlueSkyRain.com

ESP Modular Controllers by Rain Bird

Rain Bird® ESP-Modular Irrigation Controllers are indoor or outdoor controllers that can easily expand from 4 to 13 stations to meet your landscape needs. They have three independent programs and an array of features for maximum flexibility. They also incorporate Rain Bird’s ESP Extra Simple Programming, making it easy to monitor and adjust watering schedules.
Blue Sky Rain Controller Services include trouble-shooting, assessment, repair, whole-unit replacement and setting the controller. If you do not know how to use your controller, your Blue Sky Rain Foreman will be happy to show you how. Blue Sky Rain provides only professional grade controllers from Hunter and Rainbird, including the new Node, battery operated controller from Hunter.

Rachio wi-fi controllers BlueSkyRain.com

Rachio Pro Birmingham AL BlueSkyRain.com

Birmingham’s only Rachio Pro is Blue Sky Rain.

Rachio Wi-Fi Controllers


Rachio Gen3 BlueSkyRain.com


Sprinkler Controller Wifi Sprinkler Controller Repair BlueSkyRain.com

Monitor your yard from anywhere.

With the Rachio Controller app, check or adjust your sprinklers at anytime – from home, work or away.  You will receive alerts when Rachio steps in to adjust schedules for rain, snow or seasonal changes.

Sprinkler controller repair is made easier via Wifi too.  It’s amazing to control your sprinkler system from your smart phone, like you do everything else that matters!

Never waste a drop – the Rachio Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller knows to skip watering before, during or after rain.

Blue Sky Rain tested the Rachio Wi-Fi Controller for a year.  Read the results of our tests.