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Broken Sprinkler Systems and Declining Landscape Lighting takes its toll

Let’s be real—when things aren’t running smoothly, it’s a downer. Whether it’s at home or your business spot, that nagging feeling of “I need to fix that” just doesn’t quit.

We get it.  Dealing with repairs can be a real headache. Finding the right person, worrying if they’ll show up, and wondering if they’ll do a good job—it’s a whole ordeal. And as the days tick by, that broken thing just keeps on reminding you, eating away at your time and peace of mind. Before you know it, it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle everything.

But guess what? You’ve landed in the right place.  Welcome to Birmingham’s top-notch service company—where promises aren’t just made, they’re kept. We’re a team of friendly, skilled professionals who pride ourselves on doing things right—the first time, every time. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to dependable service you’ll actually enjoy calling upon.

So, congrats! You’ve taken the first step toward reclaiming your sanity. With over 20,000 service calls under our hat, we’re pumped to show you what experience and excellence can do for you.

We exist to help you experience the joy of loving where you spend your time.  Picture this: every nook and cranny of your home is in perfect harmony – repaired, polished, and brimming with positive vibes.  Your landscape is lush and inviting.  Your energy levels soar, and the atmosphere exudes calm happiness.  When your sprinkler system is working properly your landscape becomes your secret haven that holds the power to rejuvenate your soul. 

Whether you’re flying solo or sharing the space with a partner, the love for your home is the heart of your mind-body-soul connection. And your backyard? It’s your personal sanctuary, where you can indulge in the simple pleasures of life – getting lost all day in a good book or hosting delightful garden soirees for friends and fam.  Extend the great convo and fun music past dusk with the magical ambiance of lighted foundation and trees installed and maintained by Blue Sky Rain.

And oh boy! the memories you create in the backyard – It’s not just a patch of grass; it’s where special moments take place and are cherished.  Imagine your outdoor spaces are so inviting that the kids actually WANT to come home.  A great back yard starts with properly operating sprinkler systems. 


coming back home!

So, why wait?  Strengthen your bond with your friends and yourself.  Embrace the art of loving being home by getting the sprinkler system fixed and the landscape lighting back to sparkling again.  Let every moment be a celebration of comfort, joy, and togetherness.”  Open your Service Request and let’s go!

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We're totally vibing with our OG customers – you guys are the real MVPs!

We're totally vibing with our OG supporters – you guys are the real MVPs!

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Won't Start

The risk you face when your sprinkler system won’t start is the damage and loss of valuable landscape during drought and even micro-drought we experience every year in Birmingham, AL.  When you call Blue Sky Rain the cause and solution is normally discovered in a service call.  Some cases are more complicated and require advanced diagnostics.  You came to the right place for the highest level of sprinkler diagnostic and repair expertise.

Broken Head

A broken head might be a broken head, but sometimes heads need to be replaced because they are worn out and leaking.  Leaking heads diminish coverage, which increases your water bill and may cause the nearby lawn and landscape to suffer.  When heads leak 24/7, it's caused by a leaking valve.  Your professional technician from Blue Sky Rain will properly diagnose and repair your sprinkler heads and valves.

Poor Coverage

Poor Coverage is a bigger problem than you might think.  If you let your sprinkler system run longer,  the runoff might reach the areas not being properly irrigated.  But then you'll have a higher water bill, some over-watered areas and the plant material in the dry spots will suffer and plants die.  Plants that are not getting properly watered are susceptible to disease.  Blue Sky Rain techs are trained to recognize coverage deficiencies and will make recommendations for improved coverage.

Won't Turn Off

As alarming and aggravating it is when your sprinkler system won't turn off, there are immediate remedies and long-term fixes, so no need to panic.  The first step is to turn off the water to the sprinkler system.  Most sprinkler systems have a shut off valve to turn the water off to only the sprinkler system while the house water remains on. To shut the water off, turn the handle 90 degrees until it stops.  Next schedule a service call to have it diagnosed and fixed.  The cause is frequently a leaking solenoid

Blank Controller

Controllers are sensitive to lightning strikes and even power surges.  There are components that can be replaced, but sometimes the controller has to be replaced.  The good news is we've got your back!  Every Blue Sky Rain van is stocked with controllers from Hunter, Rain Bird and Rachio and a highly trained irrigation tech who will repair your existing controller or install a new one correctly.

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strikes and power surges can damage or destroy controllers, valves, wires, and even pipes.  In more extreme cases Lightning Strikes can cause multiple nicks in the wires, wires melted together and even boil water causing pipes to boil and burst. You'll be happy to know that Advanced Diagnostics of complicated lightning strikes is a Blue Sky Rain specialty.  We have the proper equipment and expertise to diagnoses the hardest cases.

Leak, High Water Bill

Over-watering, inappropriate scheduling, malfunctioning valves, worn out heads, broken water lines and poorly designed sprinkler systems can all lead to an unnecessary overuse of water.  Diagnosing exactly the cause of a high water bill is a challenge when there are multiple factors.  That's where you'll be happy to have the expertise of Blue Sky Rain.

Pipe Break

Pipe leaks are caused by shovels, fallen trees, lightning, landscaping, termite spikes, and improperly glued pipe. Repairing pipe isn't just about slapping on a band-aid—it's about doing it right, the first time. Blue Sky Rain makes pipe repairs with only thick-walled Schedule 40 Pipe to give you a durable repair.  Whether the issue is glaringly obvious or hiding in plain sight, our team has the training, experience, and expertise to tackle it head-on.