Wifi Sprinkler Controller Comparison – Rachio vs RainBird vs Hunter

You might face a big decision soon – making a WiFi Sprinkler Controller comparison.

If your controller goes out on you this year, you’ll have to decide if you should replace it with a Wifi sprinkler controller and which manufacturer is best.  If you’re like a lot of people who already really really really want one, you’ve probably willed your old controller to break.

No need to be philosophical here, you came for a technical comparison and we shall deliver on that.

You may be turned on by saving money, conserving water, or you just like cool home automation stuff.  If you want all three, you’re seeking a wifi sprinkler controller comparison from an irrigation pro.

That’s why you’re here.

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A wifi sprinkler controller is programmed from your smartphone.  A new company, Rachio, gained a jump on the market by offering Wifi Sprinkler Controllers ahead of the irrigation industry leaders Rain Bird and Hunter.  We tested Rachio for a full year in 2016 and published a couple articles about it.

This year, Rain Bird launched its Wifi solution, which we immediately began testing for you.

Wifi Sprinkler Controller Comparison BlueSkyRain.com

There are pros and cons to each, Rachio and Rain Bird, which we will publish in a new article.  Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send that to you.  For a sneak preview of our test results, we charted our wifi sprinkler controller comparison in this graphic just for you.

Our Initial Test Results in 2016 and our New Results 2019

Wifi Sprinkler Controller Comparison – Rachio Vs Rain Bird 2016

Wifi sprinkler Controller comparison Rain Bird Rachio BlueSkyRain.com

Wifi Sprinkler Controller Comparison – Rachio, Rain Bird, and Hunter 2019

Get our full Review of Rachio Gen 3 here.

WiFi Controller Birmnigham Sprinklers BlueSkyRain.com

Rachio requires a full controller replacement.  If you have the latest Rain Bird model already installed, you can gain Wifi features by scheduling a service call for us to come out and add a Rain Bird Wifi module for you.

For most, Rain Bird will also require a full controller replacement for the Wifi to work.  If you’re not sure if you want Wifi or not, you can still get a New Rain Bird Controller and get the Wifi feature added later.

That’s right!

Rain Bird gives you an easier decision to make, by allowing you to transition into a Wifi controller even if you’re not ready to use the Wifi features.

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All the Rain Bird controllers we are installing this year will be the models that are “Wifi ready.”  That means you can opt to get the Wifi at the time we install it, or at a later date if you’re not quite ready for it.  We will continue to offer Rachio for customers who want 100% Wifi control of sprinkler systems.  If you prefer Hunter, we are of course a Hunter preferred provider and we can help you with that too.  Hunter launched it’s Wifi sprinkler controller and we will test it and write about that option soon.  So check back in with us for Wifi sprinkler controller comparison part II.

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