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OWA Park in Foley Alabama Gives You 1200 Reasons to Smile

Where can you see a 24,000 square foot fountain, 1,200 trees, and an entertainment park that covers more acreage than Six Flags over Georgia?  If you guessed OWA park, the enormous entertainment destination amusement park opening in Foley, Alabama summer 2017, you’re right!  And by the way, that tremendous fountain sits under the much anticipated Rollin’ Thunder roller coaster.  As riders propel through the roller coaster’s loops, synchronized water jets will shoot up to greet them.

Highly Anticipated OWA Park Roller Coaster

Rollin’ Thunder is similar to Thunderbolt that debuted in 2014 at Brooklyn’s Coney Island.  Here’s the scary part.  The OWA park coaster will climb a vertical lift hill and drop straight down more than 100 feet.  Then it soars through a 98-foot loop, and delivers other inversions along its out-and-back route.  Whew!

But this is my favorite part…

In addition to the enormous fountain underneath Rollin’ Thunder, the OWA park will feature many other water features, some of which are interactive.  Showcasing travertine coping and brick finishes, these fountains allow park visitors to interact with the water jets with a wave of their hand.

Can’t wait to see those and the lush landscaping.

The Rotolo family who own and operate RCI, a landscape firm headquartered in Slidell, LA, are providing all the landscaping for the OWA park, which will include attractive landscaping surrounding the 14-acre lake.  The Muskogee Indian term for “water,” inspired the name OWA.  RCI is planting over 56,000 ornamental shrubs and ground cover and over 1,200 trees and evergreen shrubs.  RCI will also coordinate the installation of the park’s many fountains.  This is not their first rodeo, they completed large projects at Six Flags in Louisiana and Disney World in Florida.

The paper dolls look so happy!

The paper people look so happy wandering around the beautiful landscaping enjoying the flowers and fountains.  That’s enough for me!

OWA spans 520 acres and costs $500 million, and features 21 rides. To put this into perspective, the Disney World property covers 27,258 acres with about 35% of it developed.  Six Flags Over Georgia is 290 acres, features 11 roller coasters and over 30 other rides, shows, and attractions plus a 7 acre water park, which opened in 2014.  OWA planners intend to add a water park too.

We love Ocean Reefs

OWA Park does too!

Red Snapper Love Our Alabama Reefs

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is taking donations of approved construction debris to build an artificial reef this year off Alabama’s coast and OWA wanted to contribute to it.  The OWA company contacted the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) and received approval for their donated materials.  Cunningham Delaney Construction LLC, which is providing all of the backbone infrastructure for OWA, gathered the discarded construction items from the OWA site and delivered them to the ADCNR. These materials will be combined with items from other companies to create the reef a few miles out from the Gulf Shores coastline.

Cunningham DeLaney Construction LLC , located in Summerdale, AL.

The Rides are arriving!

The new OWA park in Foley is smaller than Disney and larger than Six Flags.  So what, if it has the fewest rides of the three, for starters, but it is located right here in our state.  Are you planning to head down there to check it out this year?

Sounds like there’s something for everyone, so I am going.

For me, it’s the 1200 trees!

For information about visiting OWA Park in Foley, Alabama this summer check out their official web site

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