The Meaning Behind Blue Sky Rain

It’s really not about founders, it’s about you, but since you clicked, you must want to know a little more about us.

Our Credo

“To be the best contractor you have ever seen, experienced or heard of.”

Our Personal Commitments:

We are committed to creating healthier landscapes and happier customers.

We are committed to growing Blue Sky Rain in any economy we face.

We are committed to attracting the best workers in Birmingham, smart and strong character who are proud to carry out our credo.

We are committed to building a workplace our employees will love.

We are committed to providing the best irrigation, landscape lighting and customer service training for our employees continued growth.

We are committed to being Birmingham’s most trusted home service company.

We are committed to helping Birmingham grow.

We are committed to making the world a better place.

"Founded in January, 2004, the company was and remains based on the principals of doing the right thing when no one is looking and taking care of the customer while maintaining a fair profit for sustaining the business."

Locally owned and operated, Blue Sky Rain services the sprinkler and landscape lighting needs of Landscapers and Property Owners in The Greater Birmingham Area. New relationships are formed every year with Landscape Designers and Home Owners who enjoy subcontracting to Blue Sky Rain for expertise, professionalism, trained technicians, and good basic business practices and ethics. Landscapers know that every Blue Sky Rain team member will make them look good by properly watering and lighting their projects for years of healthy plants and customer enjoyment.  We are dedicated to providing the best irrigation and lighting service in Alabama.

Blue Sky Rain brings the same excitement, quality, and perfectionist standards to the Landscape Lighting Service that we do our Irrigation Systems. Your best choice for Sprinkler Service, add-on’s, renovations, maintenance and repairs of your Sprinkler Systems and Landscape Lighting; and Landscape Lighting New Installations is Blue Sky Rain.


Train, Train, Train and Then Start Training

Seriously Top Notch People

We hire people who are eager to learn, catch on fast, have a serving spirit and do the right thing when no one is looking. Oh, and they are all clean cut too!


Daily Essentials

Essential Truths - Show up Early - Tell the Truth - Drink Plenty of Water - Be Charitable - Do the right thing when no one is looking - Listen more than you talk - Wherever you are, be there - Work Safely - Grow - Give - Contribute - Respect - Trust - Wear Sunscreen - Get Sleep - Take Pride - Be a Coach - Be Coachable - Innovate - Give more than expected and take less than allowed - No Smoking - Smile - Lead - Smile - worth saying twice!

Contact Info

Address: 200 Doug Baker Blvd. Ste 600-264, Birmingham, AL 35242 |  205-296-3213 | Open 8A - 5P, Monday through Friday | You may open a service request on our website.

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