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WHY Landscape Lighting?

Before you meet with a Blue Sky Rain landscape lighting designer, you have two bits of homework.  First, to think about your landscape lighting design and what specific requests you have with regard to lighting your home or business.  Secondly, determine how much you wish to invest in your system and share that amount in the initial meeting.  Blue Sky Rain Landscape Lighting Designs start at $2,400.  Landscape lighting design is similar to indoor design and the project size can be small or  extremely large.  You will get more for you money if you have a budget in mind and let us know what that is.

Top Ten Questions to explore Landscape Lighting

  1. What items or plants are special and will be the focal point of the lighting design?
  2. What features of the landscape do you wish to enhance? (Plantings, pavings, architectural elements, fences, decks, sculptures, walls, etc.)
  3. What features should be de-emphasized at night? (Tool sheds, dog runs, trash barrels, etc.)?
  4. What outdoor activities will you pursue at night? Where? How much light is required?
  5. What moods do you want lighting to create?
  6. What effect do you want the lighting to have on guests?  What parts of the property do you entertain or receive guests?
  7. What parts of the property could be dangerous at night? (Steps, changes in grades, retaining walls, water elements, paths, low overhangs, and whatever else might present a safety problem.)
  8. How can security be strengthened?  Are there any dark areas such as deep shadows near garages or entries that need special attention?
  9. What sections of the landscape are most visible from inside sitting areas that could be good lighting design target areas? (To give a better view from inside.)
  10. What do you want to invest in the landscape lighting design?

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