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Rainy days aren't all bad.

Rain Sensor

Rainy days aren’t all bad, but make sure your sprinkler system isn’t wasting water and running up your water bill by operating during the rain.  Easy fix, a Blue Sky Rain installed Rain Sensor.  Sprinkler Rain Sensor Not Working?  Blue Sky Rain will test your Rain Sensor and repair or replace it if needed.

Wire-free Installation
Add on to a new or existing installation.

Hunter’s unique Quick Response™ feature
No need for water to accumulate for shutoff.

Rugged Construction
Heavy-duty polycarbonate housing and metal extension arm.

Set a maximum dry-out period
Adjust the irrigation re-start to account for varying amounts of rain.

Operates up to 800′ from the receiver unit
Typical wired system limitations vanish with the Hunter Wireless Rain Sensor.

Built-in bypass switch on receiver panel
Adds flexibility to the sprinkler system.

The Hunter Wireless Rain Sensor installs on any system, Rain Bird or Hunter.

Sprinkler Rain Sensor Not Working

Blue Sky Rain will test your Rain Sensor and repair or replace it if needed.

Do Rain Sensors Save You Money?

Pays for Itself in One Season! Wireless Rain-Clik™ by Hunter

The first reliable wireless rain sensor provides installation on any system.
No one likes to see a sprinkler system running in the rain. It is just wasteful. The Rain Clik will keep your sprinkler system from running in the rain, saving you hundreds of dollars on your water bill. Customers who use them on their sprinkler systems would not have a system without one. They really work!
The Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik™ attaches by installing the receiver unit next to your irrigation controller, then install the transmitter anywhere that the device can receive representative rainfall. No messy wires to hide out of view. What also sets a Hunter Rain-Clik apart are features no other rain-sensing device offers. The unique Quick Response™ feature allows the product to shut off immediately when it starts to rain. And, unlike its competition, Hunter’s sophisticated sensing mechanism cannot be fouled by debris, giving the Wireless Rain-Clik the most highly accurate operation.
Call Blue Sky Rain to install a New Hunter Rain-Clik and Start Saving Now... click 'start now' to open a service call.